The people who make it in real estate and construction are leaders of a rare breed: competent, highly knowledgeable, tough, almost invincible. Real estate is a field that does not tolerate mistakes and poor decisions. It’s a territory that is as full of challenges as it is of opportunities. Real estate is a league where – in order to win – you need more than a great business vision. You need to put the right safety measures in place.

“Viliusis & Partners” is a Lithuanian law firm specialized in the fields of real estate and construction. Our clients are owners and CEOs of companies operating in the aforementioned fields. We work with farsighted real estate developers, owners, managers, investors, as well as construction companies. Collaboration with new clients typically starts by setting in place the right legal safety precautions in their new business projects. But that’s just the start. When teaming up with “Viliusis & Partners”, you can expect military-grade legal representation in case a legal conflict arises, as well as effective pre-emptive measures that are intended to prevent legal risks and business disputes.


Stable Ground Under Your Feet

To make it in real estate, you need to see reality the way it is even if it contradicts initial expectations or the promises of third parties. This is the core principle followed by the law firm’s managing partner Rinaldas Viliusis (one of the leading real estate law experts in the region) and his team.

A healthy dose of realism is one of the things that clients enjoy most about “Viliusis & Partners”. Another is the law firm’s genuine and non-bureaucratic involvement in each individual case. It is mainly due to this authentic client-care culture and excellent results that over 90 % of the firm’s clients say they would recommend the legal services of “Viliusis & Partners” to their partners and colleagues.


A++ Class Legal Efficiency

We believe that legal professionalism is incompatible with a reckless pursuit of new clients. For us, it’s not about the quantity, but rather about the quality and depth of client relationships. However, when a new client does knock on the door with a challenging problem, it often so happens that a successful first project develops into a long-term partnership that is based on mutual trust, and sometimes even friendship. At “Viliusis & Partners”, we are proud of an extremely low client turnover: clients seek a discrete, competent, and winning legal partner, and when they find one, they stick to us.


Reputation and Safety

As a specialized law firm, “Viliusis & Partners” offers all real estate and construction related services including (but not limited to) due diligence of property before acquisition, construction permits and other documentation, real estate transfer transactions, lease and sale agreements, structuring, financing, and investment matters, etc. If push comes to shove and litigation is required, we will also be ready to take your case to trial and be victorious. What matters to us most is the protection of your reputation and wealth.


„We help real estate leaders stand their ground”

Rinaldas Viliusis, founder at „Viliušis ir Partneriai” 

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