If you are a CEO of a real estate or construction company, then you already know: a huge weight of responsibility is resting on your shoulders. Every day you face a myriad of challenges that can disrupt your plans or harm the company, especially if you don’t have the right legal safety measures in place. At “Viliusis & Partners“, we make sure that managers of real estate companies can live and work with inner peace. Because even if something does go wrong, you will have a legal safety net to fall back on.


Even when, formally speaking, our client is your company, we will make sure that you, the CEO, is the one who is cared for most. Because the actual collaboration always happens between two people: a CEO (you), and a lawyer. The key to successful collaboration is mutual trust, the kind of trust that goes deeper than any contractual obligation. When a trust of this kind is established, we can help our client CEOs manage their risks, find new opportunities, achieve better results in negotiations and be victorious in legal disputes. That’s how we build legal fortresses around your interests.

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    Our mission is to be a regional leader in specialized legal services for all types of real estate and construction businesses. Our services include, but are not limited to, consultations regarding real estate buying, selling and leasing decisions, construction permits and other documentation, representation with third parties and administrative bodies, representation in negotiations and courts, etc. The business fields of real estate and construction require specific and deep legal knowledge (business laws, contract laws, territory planning laws, land laws, environmental protection laws, administrative laws, bankruptcy laws, etc.). “Viliusis & Partners” boasts an in-house team of uniquely skilled lawyers who will have you covered whatever the situation.


    One saying holds particularly true when it comes to describing the real estate and construction industries: if you want peace, prepare for war. This doesn’t mean, however, that war should always be your first option. Most of the times, our shared objective will be the efficient prevention of conflicts – a job we are good at. The legal techniques of conflict management, high-level negotiation and mediation are the tools provided by “Viliusis & Partners” for CEOs who are serious about risk management and prevention.  


    No matter how serious you are about conflict prevention, sometimes you have no option but to go and protect your wealth, interests and reputation in the courtroom. “Viliusis & Partners” provides the service of legal representation in all Lithuanian courts, as well as in international institutions. The resolution of legal business disputes (especially in the fields of real estate and construction) is a legal job we take pride in doing extremely well. Whatever your case, we prepare strategies for different scenarios, thereby making sure the best possible outcome is reached.


    It’s not only about what is in the contract that matters, but also who you are signing it with. At “Viliusis & Partners”, we help our clients with doing the due diligence and pre-checking the trustworthiness of all potential partners. The experience and expertise of our law firm will help you feel at ease when putting your signature on business documents of considerable importance.


    In their totality, your legal contracts form the foundation of your real estate or construction business. We make sure that this foundation is solid and impenetrable. All you need to do is explain us your long-term objectives, and we’ll make sure to protect those objectives by preparing the necessary documents. After a contract is signed, we also help our clients with supervising the implementation of that contract.

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