If you are here, it means you are a successful businessperson operating in the field of real estate or construction. These industries are extremely dynamic, and as an owner you must always be prepared for different scenarios. Because what is at stake is your wealth, your reputation, and your long-term interests. By partnering up with “Viliusis & Partners” law firm, you will acquire a partner who will fight for you tooth and nail in both short-term and long-term business trajectories.


Nothing is accomplished in this world without personal trust. However, sometimes we give too much trust too soon. Your success in the real estate industry depends on the quality of your relationships with other shareholders, partners, employees and third parties. Our duty is to make sure that these relationships aren’t based on emotions and hunches, but rather on comprehensive knowledge, a sense of reality and bullet-proof legal security measures.

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    At “Viliusis & Partners”, we seek to be your NO#1 option when selecting a legal solution for protecting your real estate interests in Lithuania. From consultations regarding the development of new real estate objects to document preparation, representation with third parties and administrative bodies, and representation in negotiations and courtrooms – we are your one stop shop for all legal services. The business fields of real estate and construction require specific and deep legal knowledge (business laws, contract laws, territory planning law, land laws, environmental protection law, administrative laws, bankruptcy laws, etc.). “Viliusis & Partners” boasts an in-house team of uniquely skilled lawyers who will have you covered whatever the situation.


    When making big moves in real estate, it’s crucial to be extra vigilant in drafting and signing shareholder contracts. We make sure that the contracts you sign are very clear about the shareholder distribution of investments, responsibilities, expenses and profits. If it’s a new company that you are co-founding, we highly recommend putting in place rules that determine the mechanisms for conflict resolution. Don’t worry, we will make sure you are protected.


    In many years of practice, we have played a role in many shareholder disputes. The main reason why these disputes occur is that life changes. Shareholders might have shared a common vision five years ago, but today their priorities and life philosophies might be completely different. Such differences morph into conflicts which often become so deep that business partners can no longer talk to each other. While our first priority is to make sure conflicts of this kind are avoided, we are also highly experienced in dealing with conflicts when they do arise. Your wealth, interests and reputation must be protected.


    You can tell a good yacht captain by the distance away from the shore that he or she is comfortable with. However, the weaknesses of your CEO may become apparent when it is too late. In other words, it sometimes so happens that you are already too far away from the shore when you realize that your captain is an amateur. It is, therefore, important to prevent such scenarios by delineating CEO responsibilities as soon as possible, and as precisely as possible. That’s what professionally prepared legal documents are for: company management structure, company’s articles, internal work rules, etc. We can also help you develop an efficient motivational system for your recently hired CEO. If you want your CEO to feel protected, you can also advise him or her to contact us.


    For real estate leaders, the best course of action may sometimes be to sell a company, to acquire a competitor, or to merge several companies into one. In such scenarios, you need a professional legal partner to help determine the value of companies, to create an agreement’s architecture, and to draft a contract.

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